Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Costumes

Little Red Riding Hood is the main character in a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. She is a girl who got her name because of the red hooded cloak or cape that she wears when goes to her grandmother’s house to bring her some food. The big bad wolf does not want to eat the girl in public so he asks her where she is going and she tells him that she is going to her sick grandmother’s house. While Little Red Riding Hood is walking in the woods, the wolf goes to her grandmother’s house and and eats her. He then disguises himself as the girl’s grandmother and waits for her.

When Little Red Riding Hood arrives, she notices various things that seem strange about her “grandmother.” When she comes to that part where she notices the wolf’s big teeth, the wolf grabs her and swallows her. Luckily, a hunter arrives and cuts the wolf open so that Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother come out unharmed. In other versions of this fairy tale, the grandmother has not been eaten but has been locked in the closet and the hunter arrives just in time to save the girl from being eaten.

The two vital components of the Little Red Riding Hood costume are the red hooded cape and the picnic basket where she carries the food that she is bringing to her grandmother. This costume is very convenient for girls who plan to go trick or treating during Halloween but adults who want to wear something sexy. Adults can wear a short skirt with the red hooded cape. Complete outfits can also be ordered from online stores, just in time for Halloween.

The Little Red Riding Hood costume is relatively cheap because all you need are the picnic basket and the hooded cape. You can wear any outfit under the hood although it is not advisable to wear a red-colored dress to ensure that the red cape stands out. A pair of red shoes can go well with the outfit. If you’re looking to use this coupon as a couples costume the male can become the Big Bad Wolf. This costume usually involves a wolf mask with a nightgown.

Little Red Riding Hood As Your Halloween Costume Design

It can be selected as one of the most attractive and popular Halloween costume designs of all time, because of the classic fairytale. As they say, good old things never go out of fashion, especially when fairytales are concerned. Indeed what makes the little red riding hood Halloween design costume so dazzling is that the red skirt is as little. Conventionally, she wears a hooded cape, with red boots and carries a basket.

This is one Halloween costume outfit which can be very easily glamorized. So feel free to tweak and present your own version of it. Everyone will still recognize it as long as you keep the colors red. Usually beneath the cape, you can conceal a rather revealing dress. You are the feminine and delicate darling in the costume. So apply red lipstick and blush. Get the sweet sixteen look with ribbons and bows in your hair. You can also accessorize with a small basket, like the one she has for her grandmother, and sway it along as you stride like a bubbly girl. You can choose to wear boots or pumps, depending upon how modern you want this fairytale character to be.

The reason girls adore this most is because it allows them to bring their girly side out. You can play the damsel in distress, waiting for the hunter to rescue you. Perhaps at Halloween, the hunter is likely to be a superhero. You can be the quick witted damsel in distress who smartly evades the wolf or villain. You can give a very bloody dimension to the red cape seeing as though it is Halloween. You can also have the hood cover your face and let everyone at the fancy dress party wonder who the pretty girl in red actually is.

Wearing the little red riding hood as your Halloween costume design gives you the opportunity to be yourself and have some fun. So just jazz up and bedazzle everyone, lady in red!

There are many fancy dress costumes ideas for children that are fun to wear, including saloon costumes [] and a kids Halo costume [] during Halloween and New Year.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Sales Funnel

Did you know that the sales funnel has existed at least since medieval times, and that Little Red Riding Hood was actually taken in by a sales funnel? A precautionary tale about who you really want to learn about marketing from… and who you want to avoid like the plague (yes, they had that back then, too).

Body: So you think you know what a sales funnel is and how it works? Read this retelling of an old precautionary tale and you may expand your definition a little.

When Little Red Riding Hood set out into the woods on that warm spring day in about 1321 or so, little did she know that she was to encounter not only the Big Bad Wolf, but a sales funnel so irresistible she would fall for it like a kitten for a saucer of milk.

Little Red’s intention was only to bring some warm currant buns to her dear old granny, but as soon as she set her foot on the path into the forest that day, she found herself walking straight into the mouth of a sales funnel.

It all began when she met the Big Bad Wolf on the path. He didn’t have any trouble getting her attention, as he was, of course, a very large wolf.

He began by complimenting her on her lovely red hood – you see, the first irresistible element of a sales funnel, and one that people often get wrong, is all about approaching the prospect with their favorite subject – themselves.

“What a lovely red hood you have on,” said the Big Bad Wolf. “Why thank you,” said Little Red, thus responding with interest and beginning her first step into the slippery slope of Wolfie’s steep and irresistible sales funnel.

Next, the Wolf intensified Little Red’s interest by asking her even more about herself: “And where might you be going this fine spring day, my pretty?” And, as you might expect, Little Red stepped a little further into his sales funnel by answering him with information he could use: “Why, to my dear Granny’s house, to bring her these warm currant buns.”

The wolf sniffed appreciatively at the basket, and proceeded to do a little more “market research” on Little Red (they didn’t have agencies to do this kind of thing back then). “Those are lovely smelling buns. And where might Dear Granny live?” To which, of course, Little Red replied with the desired information, thus stepping further into the sales funnel by inviting future communication with the wolf.

The Wolf, now having the information he needed to contact Little Red again, bowed, bid her a good day, a laid any fears she had to rest by disappearing up the path and giving her a little space (which she felt herself needing at this point – the only indication that she might have a brain hiding under that cute red hood). But, of course, his sales funnel was only beginning.

As soon as she reached Dear Granny’s house, Little Red walked straight into the closing sequence of the funnel when she saw what appeared to be someone very familiar to her, and proceeded to strike up a conversation.

You may know how this part of the story goes, but what you may not know is how obviously it follows the pattern of a great sales funnel, so I will recount it for you here with a little sales funnel commentary on the side.

First of all, note that the Wolf did NOT say, as soon as Little Red walked through the doorway, “Hey, girl, why don’t you come over by the bed and climb into my big old mouth? It’s very nice in there…” as many unfortunate salespeople might, thinking they can immediately ask the prospect for a sale once they contact them again.

No, the wolf very wisely dressed up as someone Little Red knew very well, and already trusted. Then, he proceeded to elicit empathy and even ask for her help (a sly twist that you can add to make your funnel even more irresistible). “I’m not feeling well dear, won’t you come over and fluff the pillows for me?”

Little Red, of course, distracted from the warning sign of the large snout sticking out of Granny’s lace bonnet, walked even further into the sales funnel by helping the wolf with his request, then asking for more information.

“My, what big ears you have, Granny.”

“All the better to hear you with, my dear.”

“My, what big eyes you have, Granny.”

“All the better to see you with, my dear.”

You may think you know this exchange very well, but I would ask you to note that the wolf did not jump straight from the opening line of “My, what big ears you have” (her first request for more information) into “All the better to eat you with, my dear” (the close). That would surely have put Little Red off, as it is obvious, even to one as dense as she, that you cannot eat someone with your ears.

No, the wolf sensibly waited until their third exchange to give her his final answer, and his closing offer. (Notice the entrancing repetitive nature of their exchange for another clue to a good sales funnel element)…

“My what big teeth you have, Granny.”

“All the better to eat you with, my dear. Why don’t you climb inside and take a look?”

And we all know how THAT sales funnel ends.

Now, the Moral of the Story, in case you were wondering, is this…

You could learn how to build a sales funnel, bring in leads, and all the other aspects of making money from any number of characters out there in the wild woods of marketing.

But if you really have your choice…wouldn’t you want to learn how to build your sales funnel from someone who not only makes over three million a year online themselves, but can teach you about it as interestingly as I just did?

Or would you rather learn marketing from someone as dry as an overcooked currant bun, who has never actually made any appreciable money with a sales funnel themselves?

It’s really up to you. But remember…when it comes to marketing, you can either be a Granny, or a Big Bad Wolf. And we all know who gets the girl in the end.

Creepy Little Red Riding Hood Costume For Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching. Everyone is definitely bombarded with many ideas on what to wear for this highlighted season of the year. It is not just the creepiest and scariest season but also is the most creative and entertaining experiences everyone can talk about. Horror movies and stories would start flooding the streets by then. Since Halloween only comes once in a year, make the most of it and the costume you choose to wear. If you do not have any ideas yet, try to look like the legendary Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red Riding Hood is a little girl who wore a red cape with a hood in a cautionary tale originally written in the 17th century. In the story, Little Red Riding Hood went to visit her ailing grandmother and was met by a wolf. She told the wolf of her plans. The wolf intended to eat Little Red Riding Hood but could not because they were in public, so he ran ahead of the girl and ate her grandmother. When she arrived at her grandma’s house, the wolf imitated her grandmother and eventually ate Little Red Riding Hood. The moral of this story is not to talk with strangers. Many versions of the story since then became very popular for kids.

Imitating Little Red Riding Hood is easy. You just need to be creative since the only identifier needed is the red cape with a hood. You can actually wear a white dress inside the cape. It is best if it is white in color. If you have none, you can wear any dress then. For footwear, just have a black flat shoes.

You can buy the red cape with a hood online or at any thrift store. If you want it to fit you perfectly, you can have a seamstress create one for you. If you are on a tight budget, you can be creative as long as you have some time. You can actually create a cape with a hood for yourself. All you need to have is a red cloth, needle and thread.

In making your own costume, look first online or on some book samples of a red cape with hood so that you will have a guide on how to make one. Trace the drawing on the cloth and start cutting it, then sew the sides to give it a clean edge.

You can actually make a cape first and then the hood, or you can create it as one item. To make the costume more authentic, you can have a wooden basket with you filled with fruits.

For a creepy twist on Little Red Riding Hood, you can add blood effects on your mouth and white dress. Instead of carrying fresh fruits on the basket, have old, rotten fruit. You can make rotten fruit by painting small plastic balls or old Christmas balls so that you won’t have to worry about the smell of real rotting fruit when trick or treating with your friends.

Color your face white and the areas around your eyes black. You can also make your cape looks torn and old to give the creep on your look. With these, definitely no wolf would come to eat you, even though you are Little Red Riding Hood.

And now I would like to give you even more great Little Red Riding Hood costume ideas when you visit []

From Taylor Jensen – The Halloween Costume expert on inexpensive, easy to find and easy to make costumes based on classic children’s stories.

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Little Red Riding Hood Fancy Dress – 4 Accessories to Help Make Your Sexy Outfit Look Sensational

By far the most popular type of Little Red Riding Hood fancy dress costume are those sexy versions of the outfit that are guaranteed to get all the Big Bad Wolves at the party howling with delight. Perhaps this is not too surprising when we consider the origins of this well-loved fairy-tale that has now become a children’s bedtime story.

This is a fairy-tale that has changed significantly over the years and literary historians debate whether the original tale was in fact a metaphor for a girl’s journey into womanhood, where she first discovers her sexuality. A far cry from the story we all know and love today.

Sexy Little Red Riding Hood fancy dress outfits are usually based around a red or red, black and white mini dress, together with a red hooded cape. There are certainly some good sexy Little Red Riding Hood fancy dress costumes available at specialist online websites, but if you really want to look the part then you are definitely going to need to purchase some cool accessories.

Below are four such accessories to help make your sexy Little Red Riding Hood fancy dress outfit look sensational.

Sexy head wear

Most Red Riding Hood outfits come with a red hooded cape, however, you may want to purchase some additional head wear to transform your look further. A special red felt hat, complete with attached blonde plaits, is a good way to achieve this.

A sexy petticoat and tights

A short red petticoat, with a lace trim at the hem, will not only add to the sexy look of your costume, but more importantly it will give volume and bounce to the bottom of your mini dress. Meanwhile, a pair of red fishnet tights are a great little touch to add to your costume’s sex appeal, but at the same time make you feel less exposed.

Some sexy footwear

Quite often the right footwear can make a big difference to the overall look of your outfit and this costume is no exception. A pair of sexy black thigh high boots, with a full length zip fitted, will finish your costume perfectly.

A wolf’s head in a basket

Okay, perhaps this accessory will not add too much to your outfit’s sex appeal, although it could be argued that it gives your character a certain kind of empowerment. Nonetheless, this is a great accessory for any Little Red Riding Hood costume and consists of a durable PVC basket with dual handle, an attached red and white gingham lining and a removable hand painted latex head wearing Grandma’s gingham cap.

So where can you get these accessories for your sexy Little Red Riding Hood costume?

Red Riding Hood Fancy Dress features all the different accessories needed to complete your sexy Red Riding Hood outfit.

A Word Or Two About The Author

Dan Fresh is a lifelong fancy dress aficionado who regularly writes for the popular Fancy Dress UK website.

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Little Red Riding Hood Fancy Dress Costumes – 3 Different Little Red Riding Hood Outfit Suggestions

Little Red Riding Hood fancy dress costumes are quite a popular form of fairy-tale outfit, especially for couples going to a themed costume party together, whereby the lady goes dressed in a Little Red Riding Hood outfit and the man goes dressed as the Big Bad Wolf.

Origins of the classic fairy-tale can be traced back to oral versions of the story, which came from a number of different European countries. However, it was not until the 19th century that the Brothers Grimm first wrote out the story as we know it today. Importantly, this version of the tale was the first recognised version to have a happy ending.

Such is this fairy-tale’s place in our popular culture that Little Red Riding Hood fancy dress costumes are extremely popular at Halloween and at costume parties throughout the year, this is despite the fact that there has never been a Walt Disney production of the story, nor any other major film of note. Nonetheless, it remains one of the nation’s top bedtime stories and perhaps that is why the Little Red Riding Hood outfit remains so popular.

Nowadays, there are a number of great looking costumes to choose from, available at specialist websites online. Below are three different outfit suggestions that you may wish to consider, in order to turn heads at the party.

The classic outfit

The classic outfit is probably the nearest costume to how we all picture the innocent young girl on her way to her grandma’s cottage in the middle of the woods. These costumes are usually quite conservative in style and are based around a red dress and a red hooded cape. The must have accessory is of course a basket and some of these come with a wolf’s head inside.

The sexy outfit

The sexy costumes seem to be even more popular than the classic outfit nowadays. They are usually based around a mini dress, which is often red, white and black, and a red hooded cape. Accessories usually include fishnet stockings and even knee high black leather boots. They are costumes that ooze sex appeal and strongly suggest that perhaps Red Riding Hood is not quite as innocent as she first appears.

The Big Bad Wolf outfit

For a man wanting to go to a Little Red Riding Hood themed party there is really only one choice of outfit. The Big Bad Wolf fancy dress costume comes in a few different styles, but perhaps the best variation are those that feature the wolf in grandma’s dressing gown and mop hat.

So where can you find these Little Red Riding Hood fancy dress costumes online?

The Little Red Riding Hood Fancy Dress Costumes website has a wide range of great value
Little Red Riding Hood outfits, including the ones mentioned above.

A Word Or Two About The Author

Dan Fresh is a lifelong fancy dress aficionado who regularly writes for the popular website.

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Great Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Ideas

With Halloween quickly approaching many are starting to plan and create the perfect Halloween costume. Themes that have long since been popular are nursery rhyme characters. The nursery rhyme we are going to focus on creating a look for is, Little Red Riding Hood based on the story by the Brothers Grimm. There are several Little Red Riding Hood costume ideas to discuss, but we are going to name just a couple.

Little Red Riding Hood is quite simple to do and shouldn’t take very long to create. Basically all you need is a red cape style overcoat that can fit over a little dress. A little black dress would be the most recommended idea to use for under the cloak. Little Red Riding Hood is going to visit her grandmother so a picnic basket would also be very appropriate to fit the Little Red Riding Hood theme you are going for. This variant would work for either a young child or an adult.

An adult who was looking for something a little more sophisticated and sexy could create their own look as well. Again, start with the red hooded cloak and a short dress with a low cut neckline or a skirt and shirt. A pair of knee high black leather boots would work well with this idea and give it that added bit of sex appeal.

If you want to add a little extra to the Little Red Riding Hood Costume ideas or if you are going to a Halloween party as a couple you could create another character. One of the other main characters of this classic fairy tale is none other than the wolf. Your partner could wear a wolf costume and you could go together and potentially win a best costume award. Make sure the wolf has big teeth because that is one of the recognizable aspects and lines of the story.

Maybe you have a young child that is going trick or treating as Little Red Riding Hood and she wants you as a mother, or father, to dress up with her it would not take much. As a mother you could choose to go as the grandmother in the story or if you felt daring you could go as the wolf. Most fathers, however, would more than likely want to go as the wolf. These are just some of the Little Red Riding Hood costume ideas around and of course if you would rather purchase a costume, by all means go ahead.

There are a number of nursery rhyme characters that you can consider this year, one of the more popular are Little Red Riding Hood costumes []. You can easily find the right size from baby costumes to child costumes to the more popular adult Red Riding Hood costume [].

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Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Costumes – The History of Halloween

On Halloween 2008, Little Red Riding Hood costumes are just going to be scarier! A horror film is to be launched soon with a new twist on an old tale. A Tale of LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD- the movie- is an action packed thriller. Hmm…I wonder…Who will be the killer?

The scary remake of the classic story takes us deep into the dark woods to show what really happens when a naive young girl meets up with a stranger. All the details about the version are being kept under wraps- or hoods. What we do know- the BIG BAD WOLF is very hungry!

Once upon a time. The fairytale we all heard as children begins…

A little girl has to go through the forest by herself to take food to her sick grandmother.

She is seen skipping the forest, with a basket filled with goodies, wearing a red hooded cape. (Like Superman’s-only smaller.)

‘Red’ – is scared out of her wits when she sees the big bad wolf! (He wants to eat her!)

The wolf asks ‘Red’ where she is going. (Never talk to strangers!)

She politely tells the wolf exactly where she is going. And even gives directions!

The big bad wolf cleverly sends ‘Red’ off in another direction, so he can get to Grandma’s house first… (This is where the plot turns sinister!)

The end.

The original fable was meant to scare children into not straying from a path where they were safe to a place of danger.

Halloween also has a historical background. Halloween, the scariest night of the year, is usually celebrated on the night of October 31.

The holiday originated in Ireland from a feast day known as Samhain. It was a yearly celebration held to mark the end of the harvest. Crops including animals were sacrificed to the Gods in big bonfires. The sacrifices were peace offerings in exchange for protection.

It was believed, on Samhain night, dead people were allowed 24 hours to roam the earth. Some of these were evil spirits, and that is where the scary costumes came in. The idea was to frighten the dangerous ghosts away before they could do harm. People disguised themselves in animal heads, as witches, and goblins.

November 1st is known as All Saints Day, aka All Hallow’s Day. Hallow means ‘sainted ones’. This religious day was started to take away the power the Samhain pagan ritual had over the Irish people. Samhain – became known as All Hallow’s Eve. Samhain is pronounced Sah-ween- is where the ‘ween’ part comes from.

On the eve of Samhain, the Celts placed nuts and berries on their doorsteps, these treats were to trick the supernatural guests from entering their homes.

When the Irish people immigrated to America, they brought the spirit of Halloween along.

Today Halloween is about dressing up in costumes, having fun, playing tricks, and eating candy. The division of the two worlds- us and the demons-seems to be cut off.

But is it?

When you are out trick or treating this Halloween, don’t forget your costume. The spirits of the underworld may be lurking in the shadows…

In your search for the perfect Halloween costume- take a closer look at an old original. Little Red Riding Hood has been seen in the past as a victim. But her story is about to change…Stay tuned for a new chapter.

I do not know which kind of costumes you are going to wear. But if you want to buy Little Red Riding Hood Halloween costumes [], I have an idea for you. You may find lots of choices on Little Red Riding Hood Halloween costumes 2008.

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Watch Free Red Riding Hood 2011 Free Movie On Megavideo. Streaming movie on HD, HQ watch free Red Riding Hood 2011 online!

Watch Free Red Riding Hood 2011 Free Movie On Megavideo. Streaming movie on HD, HQ watch free Red Riding Hood 2011 online!

A twilight series clone. Red Riding Hood has a similar storyline to Twilight with the two guys after one girl pursuit, supernatural creatures, and family dynamics. My wife wanted to see this movie! The movie has many gals’ idea dream. Two hot guys after one gal, and the forbidden love sub story. Part of the movie is a mix of a werewolf, hunters and Red Riding Hood themes mixed with mystery. Well directed and written. I though the film was okay. My wife loved the movie. Between the two of us we would give the movie a six out of ten. My wife says the same director that did twilight did this movie. You can see her style throughout the film. It is funny how one of the characters looked so much like Edward in Twilight. A good Video on demand movie.

Watch Free Red Riding Hood 2011 Online Now!

i read all of the following reviews on this movie. they all said it was bad, the worst movie they’ve ever seen. but! they all had on thing in mind either twilight (yuck) (no effervescence) or mama MIA or even love. i went to the theater hoping for red riding hood and that’s what i got this brilliant tale of a girl whose grandma gives her a hood and is love with one guy who isn’t her husband. this movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering who is the wolf with the whats happening next. then the so cute. if your a guy then get out this is not a movie for you. so to keep it short and sweet, best red riding hood movie i have ever seen if you decide you hate it please don’t think it as twilight or any other movie think of it as…… RED RIDING HOOD……and that’s all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey there little red riding hood you are sure looking good your everything a wolf like me would want!!!!!!!!!!!

Writing Tips for Children – Learning to Write Suspenseful Stories

Whether it is a book or a short story, people stop reading if you don’t engage their interest at the beginning to draw them in. Once they are hooked, keep them in suspense by building tension into your writing. Let them feel like they are really there, feeling the excitement and sharing the emotions of the character.

How to Write Tension Scenes

The tension scene is often overlooked in children’s writing. This is the scene right before the ending where the hero or heroine struggles to overcome the big problem. In movies, this is often the scene of the soccer grand final, the exciting car chase or the heroine fighting for her life in a raging river.

I thought it would be fun to look at Little Red Riding Hood for a classic tension scene. Little Red Riding Hood arrives at the cottage and goes into her Grandmother’s bedroom.

In bed is the wolf in granny’s clothes. Little Red Riding Hood, (who obviously needs glasses!) says this:

‘Oh, grandmother, what big ears you have!’

‘All the better to hear you with.’

‘Oh, grandmother, what big eyes you have!’

‘All the better to see you with.’

‘Oh, grandmother, what big hands you have!’

‘All the better to grab you with!’

‘Oh, grandmother, what big teeth you have!’

‘All the better to eat you with!’

See how the scene slowly builds up to be more and more dangerous – and thus frightening? We don’t start with the teeth, we start with the ears – and the wolf trying to coax Red RH to come nearer and nearer.

In a tension scene, a flood doesn’t start with the damn wall bursting, it begins with a tiny trickle of water oozing from a crack. The trickle builds up, becoming stronger, and then a chunk of concrete falls, no bigger than a hand. The noise is growing. There is a crash as two blocks of concrete fall, and the crack is splitting, spreading relentlessly. Water is gushing out like a stream, stronger, harder, more powerful, forcing more concrete chunks to fall, more noise, more danger… and then suddenly the whole wall crumples and shatters and water bursts forth, raging in a towering wall of water down the river, sweeping away trees, houses and helpless, terrified humans in its path.